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Bronze Stirrups

Antique Conquistador Stirrups Pair Depose Bronze Brass Spanish Colonial Patina


Chinese Antique Bronze Stirrup with Cloisonne Books Scroll Flowers Scholar


A Pair of Antique Chinese Ming Bronze Stirrups


Vintage Solid Bronze Stirrup Cup / Candle Holder Inverted Stag Head Form


Bronze Metal Stirrup Cups Handcrafted Rare Antique


Antique Early Spanish Colonial Bronze Brass Conquistador Stirrup Boots


Antique Mongolian Chinese Bronze Riding Stirrups from Circa 1800


Antique Chinese Qing Era Inlaid Cloisonne Bronze Stirrup Floral Pattern


Early Republic Chinese Solid Bronze Stirrup Candle Incense Holders Set Engraved


Vintage Hand Hammered Brass Or Bronze Conquistador Single Stirrup 8.5" Long


Nice Pair of OLD Authentic ANTIQUE Bronze / Brass CONQUISTADOR Horse STIRRUPS


Antique Pair of Bronze Brass Spanish Colonial Conquistador Stirrups Boots


Antique Japanese Bronze Abumi Samurai Horse Stirrup Foot Armor Yoroi Edo Period


Vintage Solid Bronze Stirrup Cup Inverted Stag Head Form


Vintage Solid Heavy Brass or Bronze Spain Conquistador 12” Wide Horse Stirrup




China Bronze handwork Cloisonne carved pedal Stirrup statue pair


Antique North African Islamic Bronze Saddle Stirrups In Turkish Ottoman Manner


Old Antique Original Unque Rare Bronze Horse Stirrups


Antique German or French lot BRONZE spurs stirrup


Collect Old Bronze Hand-Carved Myth Dragon & Flower Auspicious Elegant Stirrup


A pair chinese old bronze stirrup hand carving dragon flower pendant statue


China Pure Bronze Cloisonne handwork Horse pedal Stirrup statue pair


Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Auspicious Flower Horse riding Stirrup Horse Pedal Pair


Old China Bronze Cloisonne Gilt Horse Stirrup Stirrups Statue


Chinese palace bronze Cloisonne dragon head stirrup Pedal Pedals statue pair


c 11th Century: Anglo-Saxon/Viking Scandinavian Bronze Stirrup Mount


Folk China Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Dynasty Palace Fengshui Wealth Stirrup Pair


Antique Chinese or Mongolian Bronze Horseriding Horse Riding Stirrup


4 CM Chinese Buddhism Pure Bronze Dragon Play Ball Bat stirrup Amulet Pendant


Old Bronze Ancinet Coin Shape Horse Stirrup Stirrups Saddle Iron Statue Pair


6" China dynasty bronze Cloisonne Dragon head flower Horse Stirrup Stirrups pair


ANCIENT RARE Medieval Iron STIRRUPS 14-15 century AD


Old Chinese Folk Bronze Brass Dragon Beast Statue warrior Horse Saddle Stirrup


3 CM Tibetan Pure Bronze Double Dragon Animal Bat Horse stirrup Amulet Pendants


Superb stirrup type Medieval bronze buckle, Please read description. L106t


6"Chinese bronze Cloisonne Gilt animal Dragon statue Horse Stirrup Stirrups pair


African tribal Bobo bronze stirrup adornment amulet pendant. Provenance


Superb stirrup type Medieval bronze buckle, Please read description. L106L


Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Bronze Double Dragon Horse Stirrup Stirrups Pair


4CM China Buddhism Pure Bronze Dragon Play Ball Horse Bat stirrup Amulet Pendant


old China bronze Cloisonne 24k gold Gilt Dragon head Horse Stirrup Stirrups pair


China Pure Bronze Wealth Money Dragon Head Saddle Pedal Stirrup Statue Pair